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Pacers News · Football Game Reminders

Lakeridge fans and visitors,
Below we have some friendly reminders in regards to home football games at Lakeridge High School. We appreciate your cooperation in making football games a fun and safe environment for all.
Football game reminders:
    * Backpacks are not allowed into the games, please leave at home or in the car
    * Adults and students are not allowed to bring open containers or outside drinks into the        game.  Please be respectful to staff and throw out before entering.
    * There is NO re-entry into the game for adults or students, please bring jackets or                umbrella’s if you think you will need it.
    * Please dispose of trash in the bins rather than leave in the stands or on the ground.
    * We realize parking is an issue, but please do not park on the sidewalks or grass                  areas.