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Boys Varsity Water Polo, Girls Varsity Water Polo · Lottery Winners!

Because we are now two separate sports with girls and guys water polo, we were able to get double entry into the concessions lottery.  We have “won”  many great dates.  Unfortunately, we may not profit from our good fortune if we are not able to get more volunteers.   Obviously guys or girls team can work each others times to make this work.  If we work together we will split proceeds from both teams profits.  We need more volunteers so no one has to work a big chunk.  PLAYERS you need to be on this sign up as well.  The last training is this Wednesday at 9 am.  They only require one person to attend but the more the better.  Please consider signing up at sign up genius now.  Once we know we have enough people, we can accept our lotto winnings and move forward to scheduling people for shifts where they are available.   GRILLERS  We won the grills for a home game and will need some proficient grillers to man the grills.

Pending Dates:

evening times

sept 12 double duty all hands on deck inside and outside concessions

sept 14

Oct 5

Oct 6  Grill Masters for Home Varsity Game!!!!

Oct 26